Developer Platform (July 2024)


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The D2L Brightspace developer platform includes all of the APIs and tools that you as a developer can use to create valuable, integrated solutions for your customers.

Getting started

If this is your first time using Brightspace's developer platform, review our core concepts topics, and follow these simple steps.

1. Register your application - Each client application using the Brightspace APIs must register itself within Brightspace so that it can identify itself to the Brightspace authentication service.

2. Create a test account in your host LMS - Each Brightspace API call gets made in the context of a logged in user, so you will need access to a user account with appropriate permissions for testing your calls.

3. Choose a development environment - We designed the Brightspace API to be platform-neutral and based on commonly supported software standards such as Oauth2 and use of HTTP verbs in a RESTful manner. Choose the development environment that best suits your needs.

4. Authenticate with your LMS - Use your service account to acquire a set of user auth tokens you can employ for prototyping and testing.