Developer Platform (July 2024)

Getting started

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Brightspace’s developer platform authentication requires you to make every API request in a calling context from which the back-end service can determine

In the calling context, you provide an authentication token to assert your ability to make the API call on behalf of that user. To get started, you need to follow these four general steps to gather all the resources you’ll need to be able to provide those authentication tokens with each API call your app will make.

Register your application

By using the Brightspace Manage Extensibility tool, you can register application with the Brightspace OAuth2 authentication service. Your app will use its Client ID as a public “name” to uniquely identify itself to the Brightspace Authentication Service later when requesting authentication tokens.

Create an LMS test account

Every Brightspace API call happens within a calling user context, and the LMS will limit the functionality it extends to your call depending upon the permissions that user would have logged in to the LMS and using through the standard browser interface.

Accordingly, you should ensure you have an appropriate range of LMS user accounts available to you for testing.

You will need to know the username and password for all the accounts you want to test with (in order to go through the authentication process that prompts the LMS to send you back the appropriate authentication tokens for each user).

Choose a dev environment

We designed the Brightspace API to be platform-neutral and based on commonly supported software standards and practices for web-services-based software development such as OAuth2 and the specific use of the HTTP transport and its verbs in a RESTful manner.

For assistance in developer resources beyond the scope of this documentation, we provide links to a number of developer tools and resources.

As Brightspace’s developer platform is primarily an open-source effort, the community may have contributed additional tools and resources to assist you with development in your environment of choice.

Authenticate with your LMS

Every API call your application makes must carry authentication identifying the Brightspace user authorizing you to make the API call on their behalf. The Brightspace API makes use of the Authorization Code Grant workflow specified in the OAuth2.0 standard to request an authorization bearer token.

For more detailed information on how Brightspace makes use of OAuth2.0, you can read our authentication topic.

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