Developer Platform (July 2017)

Code samples, examples, and walk-throughs

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Use these samples and examples to help your understanding of the Valence Learning Framework APIs. Most the samples require an installed, appropriate client library SDK.

Samples by task

These focused samples provide you with patterns and methodologies around specific points of use for the API.

Getting Started sample. Available in a number of language bindings, this serves as the place to start for using the Learning Framework APIs.

Changing some profile data. This sample builds a single, simple step upon the first sample: use an HTTP PUT route to make a small change to the calling user’s profile information.

Retrieving collated final grades for an instructor’s classes. This sample demonstrates how you can chain several API requests together, combining and acting upon the results, to meet a more complex use case not addressed by a single Learning Framework API route.

Application samples

These sample application projects encompass a complete suite of functionality.

Chrome extension for ePortfolio. We built the D2L ePortfolio Chrome extension against the Learning Framework APIs; you can find it in the Chrome Web Store.

You can also download and older, simpler version of the project’s code in a zip archive, that you can refer to as a sample project.

Office Extensions. Office Extensions for D2L is an open source example demonstrating the use of the Learning Framework APIs; the extensions let you submit Microsoft Office® documents to a dropbox folder in your organization’s Learning Environment. D2L provides no end-user support for these extensions, but you can ask questions about them on Stack Overflow using the desire2learn tag. Once installed, you can access Office Extensions for D2L from four Microsoft Office 2010 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project).

You can download the latest source and installer packages in our code repository:


These walk-throughs will help you learn how to accomplish specific tasks.

Getting an Application Key. Instructions for registering your app to obtain an Application ID/Key pair.

Investigating role permissions. Step-by-step case study of walking through a client’s problems with role permissions around three API calls.

Importing course content packages. A simple example demonstrating a script that uses APIs to import content packages into courses.

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